Food Fest!

Your Complete Guide to Florida's Food Festivals

Front cover of Food Fest!

Food Fest! Your Complete Guide to Florida’s Food Festivals is the first book listing over 200 delicious Florida food celebrations—a scrumptious, year-round cornucopia. Now at your fingertips is the key to tantalizing food festivals, cook-offs, and “Taste Of” events. Something for everyone—“Seafood Fiesta,” “Carnivore’s Delight,” “Vegan’s Variety,” and more. All the information you need in 1 handy, easy-to-use book.

In Your Quick Reference to Delicious Delights, you’ll discover:

  • Unique and exciting food festivals—from frogs’ legs to sausage, catfish to crawfish, mangos to kumquats, flap jacks to chocolate! Every food imaginable plus tons of chili and barbecue cook-offs.
  • Rare events and competitions—attend “Garlic University,” enter a flapjack eating contest, or watch a hilarious pig chase!
  • Fun, kid-friendly activities—including carnival games, state-of-the-art rides, pageants, parades, and fireworks shows.
  • Low-cost ideas for entertaining guests—enjoy arts and crafts, antiques, farm equipment displays, and car shows.
  • Music galore—featuring a variety of local and national performers.
  • Adult amusements—savor sample tastes at beer and wine fests!
  • Helpful maps and directories (by month and region)—to plan weekend getaways or spontaneous day trips.
  • Many tips and suggestions—for making the most of your experience and enjoying yourself.

This book is for everyone who lives in or visits Florida, who appreciates travel, outdoor activities, and good food—Bon appetite!


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